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From the published schedule it appears the only way to get 5 CEUs is by attending Friday AND Saturday

The IHS convention will be providing 4 CEUs on Saturday and our Annual HAAK Members Meeting will be hosted directly after the keynote speaker and will count as 1 CEU (the 5th hour of live CEUs needed) 



It says 5 credits are available yet the conference is going on for 3 days
Yes the IHS convention is a 3 day event, to follow the Kentucky state statutes on continuing education. A minimum of 5 of the 10 hours must be obtained in person. You may feel free to go to all 3 days of the event, at each day, there is a large number of classes availiable at which you can gain CEUs. On Saturday you will have two different tracks of classes to pick from that will allow you to receive 5 hours of CEUs. Our HAAK members meeting will be held at the end of the day Saturday after the keynote speaker from 3:15-4:15 PM EST.


If we can only get 5 credits.  How do we get the other 5 we need to make 10 total? 

As we have for the last few years, all HAAK members will gain access to 5 on demand hours.


Can I get a phone number to call you so, I don't get something mixed up? 

If you need to have anymore questions answered you can reach me here


It looks like we are not having the normal Spring MACH conference in Lieu of the IHS conference. 

This is correct. 

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