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Continuing Education

How will I receive credit for my classes at Mid-America?

IHS sends CE certificates by email only.  Your certificate is sent to the email that you provide when you register for the Mid-America Conference.


If you haven’t received your certificate for classes taken in 2023 please follow these steps before contacting IHS directly.


Step One:

Check your emails (and Junk mail folder) on the following dates:


If you attended Mid-America on May 20th 2023 your certificate was emailed to you on 6/16/23.  Look for an email on this date from -- Int’l Hearing Society with Continuing Education e-Certificate Attached in the subject line.  There will be only one of these certificates.  Normally it will be for all five hours presented on May 20th unless you did not take all the classes.

Step Two:

If you have found the emails, please take a moment to add to your email safe list so future emails from IHS are not blocked or sent to your spam folder.


Step Three:

After carefully checking your email boxes (regular and junk mail) if you cannot find the emails with your certificate attached, you may contact IHS directly to have them resent.  When contacting IHS be sure to specify whether you attended the Mid-America Conference on Hearing on May 20, 2023 or took the On-Demand classes offered between August 8th and Oct 8th 2023.  Also provide them with the last four digits of your SS# for verification.  The email to contact IHS is Lori Morgan

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